Personal Security Tips

While operating anywhere online, your security is the top priority.

Follow these simple tips to enhance your personal security while using our app.

Keep Your Credentials Private

Never share your password or PIN with anyone.
Be cautious of phishing attempts and only enter your credentials in the official Grineo app.

Regularly Review Transactions

Monitor your transaction history for any unauthorized activities.
If you notice anything suspicious, contact our support immediately.

Secure Your Device

Use a secure and updated device for Grineo transactions.
Set up device locks, such as fingerprint or Face ID, for added protection.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated on our security features and best practices.
Be aware of common security threats and scams.

Contact Support for Assistance

If you ever have security concerns or need assistance, reach out to our support team through the in-app chat or via email at support@grineopay.com.

By following these steps, you contribute to creating a secure environment for your digital financial activities with Grineo.