Fees & Limits

Please note that these fees and limits can be changed. By using our service, you accept the Terms of Conditions and fees & limits conditions. We recommend checking this section for the most up-to-date fee information.

Cards Fees & Limits Digital Physical
Card issue fee FREE $5,99
(FREE for the first 1000 clients)
Card replacement fee FREE $5,99
Delivery fee FREE
Monthly management fee $0
Close account $0
Dispute $15
Commission for purchases 1%* crypto-to-AUD
conversion fee when you spend your stablecoins
ATM withdrawal 1%* crypto-to-AUD
conversion fee for ATM withdrawals
*additional fees charged by payment system outside of Australia
Cards Limits Digital Physical
Maximum ATM cash out per day $300
Maximum single card transaction $3000
Maximum card spend per day $3300
Crypto Fees & Limits  
Deposit crypto FREE*
Crypto exchange fee 0,2%
Crypto withdrawal commission Depends on blockchain used
BTC 0,0003 BTC
ETH 0,0054 ETH
*a commission may be charged by the service from which you transfer crypto, and you may be charged a fee by the blockchain network.