What Is The Grineo Card?

Grineo Card available in virtual or both virtual and physical formats.

By linking your Card to the Grineo Wallet, you can manage it through the Grineo mobile app.

Grineo Card Uses

  • Online Payments:
    Pay for services like Netflix or Spotify from the comfort of your device.
  • Digital Wallet Integration:
    Link Grineo Card to popular platforms — Apple Pay or Google Pay — for swift and secure transactions.
  • Offline Shopping:
    Take your Grineo Card to physical stores and make purchases without a hitch.
  • ATM Withdrawals:
    Need cash? Grineo Card allows you to withdraw digital assets as cash conveniently from any ATM in the world.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account to your Grineo card, allowing for secure, seamless transactions with an iOS or Android device.

Apple Pay allows for in-app purchases within the Apple ecosystem and on the Safari browser. It’s faster and more secure than paying with cash or swiping a card, and this is also true of Google Pay.

Use Google Pay and Apple Pay linked with Grineo to make an instant stablecoin purchase with a smartphone, smart watch, or tablet anywhere in the world!

Google Pay and Apple Pay do not disclose your card details to merchants, adding another layer of security to the payment process.

How to Order Grineo Card?

Ordering your Grineo Card is a breeze! Simply follow these instructions to get started.

Any questions, whether it’s about ordering your Grineo Card or anything else, feel free to reach out via our in-app chat or drop us an email at support@grineopay.com. We are here to help!